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In order to optimise the content available on our website and to adapt it to your individual needs, we use the information stored in your devices. You can manage cookies in the settings of your browser.

1. Hart Sp. z o.o. uses cookies. Cookies are small text files sent to web browsers. Cookies are saved on the devices of users of www.hartphp.com.pl, store.hartphp.com.pl and www.zamowienia.hartphp.com.pland are re-transmitted back to the same websites upon the subsequent visit.

2. Cookies are collected solely for the purpose of collecting information in order to tailor sales to products, and individual needs and preferences of the Customers. Cookies are stored by your browser on your hard drive and do not directly collect personal data. You can block cookies in your browser. However, if you do so, you will limit or preclude the use of www.hartphp.com.pl, store.hartphp.com.pl and www.zamowienia.hartphp.com.pl

3. When the user is online, Hart Sp. z o.o. collects IP addresses for technical purposes, i.e. server administration. They are used for statistical activities and to improve the cookies management.

4. Please also be informed that you may configure your web browser in a way to preclude storage of cookies on your device.

5. Once the cookies are saved by the Seller, you may also delete them by one of the following means: web browser functions, applications specially designed for this purpose or tools of the user’s operating system.

6. The following links contain information on how to delete cookies in the most popular web browsers:
Chrome Firefox Opera Internet Explorer

7. Please also be informed that once you change the settings of the web browser with the purpose of limiting or precluding storage of cookies on your device, you may cause limited functionality of the services provided. This is also the case when you delete cookies during service provision.

8. Hart Sp. z o.o. informs customers that it uses the Google Analytics tool that collects online identifiers, including cookies. More information is available at: www.hartphp.com.pl/en/privacy-policy#GA

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