Fulfilment services for the e-commerce

Meeting customer expectations, for whom minimizing time-consuming logistics operations is the basis for building a competitive advantage, we have prepared a set of services that allows to transfer the burden of warehouse handling of their products into our hands. Our offer is a tailored outsourcing of specific operational activities of their Internet business.



How it works?

The function’s idea of the logistics chain based on the fulfillment service:

❑ the warehouse receives a notification of goods delivery (shipment confirmation)
❑ the goods are accepted in the warehouse and addressed with use Warehouse Management System (WMS – prepared for needs of the client and operator)
❑ goods storage
- the goods are stored in a safe way in the modern logistics center
- the logistic center is located in central Poland, close to the A1 / A2 highway and the largest hubs of courier companies
- the storage of goods is fully recorded - at any time we can precisely determine the exact location of the customer's goods in the warehouse
❑ acceptance of a shipment order
- via the customer panel
- via WebService (API)
- individual methods - we cooperate with a software company which is specialized in designing warehouse systems and integrating them with other IT systems
❑ preparation of goods for shipment (confection):
- experienced warehouse staff completes the customer's order on time; preparing the goods for shipment within 2 hours after placing the order

Our Capabilities

We have a modern A+ class warehouse
equipped with:

❑ high storage racks
❑ shelf racks
❑ various types of forklifts
❑ IT infrastructure
❑ CCTV monitoring
❑ loading docks
❑ Modern LetMeDropIt.pl fulfilment wms system

We have:

Comprehensive services

We provide services at the highest level in the field of:

❑ reloading of palletized deliveries
❑ unloading containers
❑ pallet storage
❑ piece storage
❑ co-packing
❑ labeling
❑ order picking
❑ e-commerce support

Cooperation forms mached
to Customer’s needs

Our offer provides an individual approach to the customer with a transparent billing system. This allows to verify the balance of an account at any time.

For more cooperation details please contact us. Phone: +48 885 850 202.

Why is it worth working with us?

Our offer is the delegation of logistics activities to specialists with 30 years of experience, who will ensure the highest quality of goods service - from receipt to shipment while our Customers will be able to concentrate on the sale and marketing of their products instead.

Bearing in mind the business goals of our Clients, we contribute to lowering the costs of their operations by shortening the time of goods delivery to final recipients, reducing the number of complaints and returns caused by mistakes in shipments. We are very flexible and can easily adapt to any quantitative fluctuations in the client's order schedules./p>

The location of our logistics center



HART sp. z o.o.
ul. Nasienna 4
95-040 Koluszki

telefon: +48 885 850 202
mail: fulfilment@hartphp.com.pl

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