Recruitment procedure

The HART recruitment procedure is divided into several stages. This way, we can get to know you and match the position you are interested in to your experience, your career path and your career development expectations.


Our recruiter will review your application for compliance with the job requirements. Please note that we only contact candidates who meet our expectations.

1 Application

Phone call

For certain positions, we also make a short phone call to discuss your skills and abilities.

2 Phone call


At the interview, we verify your competences. We can also check your knowledge of a foreign language and/or analytical/mathematical skills, if they are required for a given position. At the interview, you will learn about our expectations and will have the opportunity to ask questions concerning the position you apply for.

3 Interview

Additional presentation

If you apply for a key position in the company, you may be asked to prepare additional materials closely related to the position you apply for, e.g. in the form of presentation.

4 Additional presentation


If our final assessment is positive, the HR employee will contact you to provide you with the terms and conditions of employment and other necessary details. We provide feedback to all interviewees and participants of skills tests.

5 Feedback

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Job offers

Check the positions we recruit for

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