HART was established in 1990. Since then, it has been developing dynamically.

In the 1990s, Poland witnessed economic and political transformation. At that time, many businesses, including HART, started up. Below, we present selected events from our rich history.


HART began with just one delivery car, used in person by the owner of the company and ad-hoc additional driver, accompanied by two modest office rooms and a barn serving as a warehouse. The office rooms were located at ul. Krapkowicka in Opole.


Due to the dynamic growth in the first years, the company relocated to a larger place, which is currently the HART head office. At that time, the adjacent septic tank which leaked on a regular basis became the main focus of attention in the new building.

But even this did not restrained us from opening the first two branches in Wrocław and Gliwice.


HART was the first company in the industry to market products under its own brand. HART means not only a high quality resulting from the strict rules of production control, but also a good price. Our branded goods were even provided to our biggest competitors.

In the meantime, HART started to expand its operations in the Małopolskie Province. A new branch in Wieliczka was established.


During his visit in Wieliczka, the owner of HART met two ambitious IT specialists. This acquaintanceship transformed into a fruitful cooperation and development of a specialised software for handling automotive workshops and shops.

HART2000 was the prototype of industry software and still enjoys great interest of our customers.


A new branch in Bytom was opened.

In the meantime, HART expands its operations to promote sport. A modern tennis centre is opened in Zawada near Opole.


In order to popularise sport, HART organised the first indoor women’s ITF tennis tournament.

Many players who participated in subsequent editions of HART OPEN were among the top tennis players in the world.


HART changed its legal status to form a private limited company HART Sp. z o.o.

Subsequent branches in Poznań and Katowice were established.


The robust growth required the establishment of new branches. New facilities in Łódź, Częstochowa and Zielona Góra were opened.


HART expanded its business into foreign markets. A new facility in Cieszyn was opened.

At that time, new branches in Białystok and Kraków were also established.


HART entered the capital city. A new facility in Warsaw was opened.


In order to meet the expectations of its customers, HART expanded its offer with a family of branded products for single-track vehicles. M.Line is still valued by its Users.

In the meantime, HART expanded its business with new branches in Rzeszów, Bielsko-Biała and one of the Warszawa neighbourhoods – Okęcie.


New branches in Radom and in Sviadnov in the Czech Republic were opened.


Another HART facility in Wrocław was established.


In order to ensure high quality customer service and employee safety, HART built a modern facility for its Rzeszów branch.


Another modern building was handed-over for use by the Poznań branch office.


HART strengthened its position on the automotive market and became one of the largest distributors of automotive and motorcycle parts in Poland.


Modern branches in Bydgoszcz and Ostrava were opened.

In the meantime, HART built a new facility for its Radom branch.



In order to increase customer satisfaction from cooperation with HART, we introduced the HARTówki loyalty program for the 25th anniversary of our activity. Attractive prizes and transparent rules of the program still distinguish us from the market and are very popular among our customers.

In the meantime, we built another modern facility for the Łódź branch.


HART dynamically expanded its operations into foreign markets with new branches in Brno in the Czech Republic and in Presov in Slovakia.

Due to the steady growth, we had to employ more employees and reached 500 people employed.


HART launched another own product line: Hart Premium. The new branded products have three essential features: high quality, precision of manufacture and attractive visual effect.

In the meantime, we built a modern logistics centre in Koluszki with an area of 7.500m2



Following the latest trends, HART introduced the innovative ERP system to support customer service. It is worth noting that the new software was prepared solely by HART programmers.

For the convenience of the customer, HART provided modern solutions for mobile payments: QR codes and 24/7 transfers.

A new branch in Szczecin was opened.


To improve the quality of customer service, HART employed a group of specialists to provide assistance in the selection of automotive and motorcycle parts via a special hotline.

HART launched another special offer program. HART HIT offers periodic sales of selected top products at a bargain price.

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